About Me

Wayne R. Thompson, LMBT

Your Escape to a Magical Haven

My name is Wayne R. Thompson, license massage therapist # 13730. I want to share a little of how I came to be a massage therapist. In 2010, I visited the campus of Miller-Motte College in Greenville, NC in search of a new career. I was introduced to the massage program with no knowledge of massage or even heard of a career that consist of massage to be honest. As the admission representative walked me over to the massage building to view one of the labs where the students was practicing massages on each other. I knew then and there massage was for me.

In October 2010, I became a full-time student at Miller-Motte College in the massage program. For 18 months, I took classes such as: A&P (Anatomy & Physiology), Kinesiology 1&2, Energy, Spa, Therapeutic 1&2, Swedish, and Clinical 1&2. In December 2011, I graduated with honors from the massage program at Miller-Motte College. I went on to take the state board exam “MBlex” to achieve my massage license.

In May of 2013, Miller-Motte College hired me as the massage clinic receptionist. In 2014, I was promoted to supervisor of the massage clinic, and then later in 2014 I was promoted to an instructor in the massage program. As an instructor I taught Somatic Patterning, A&P, and Swedish massage classes while continuing to supervise the massage clinic. In June of 2017, Miller-Motte phased out the program and I’m no longer employed with Miller-Motte College.

Now I’m a proud founder/owner of The Quality Massage located at 126 Granville St., Windsor, NC 27983 (next door to NC Works Career Center). I love the career of massage therapy. I support all the great benefits that massage therapy provides for every human body and animals just as much. It is a joy for me to know that I’m helping someone through massage therapy. I will continue to massage until my hands will no longer allow me to do so. Massage therapy is my career and proud of it.